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One Step Into The Unknown

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The second release for Mason Stevens on the SFM label. Space Blues solid and true. This man knows how to express himself with the guitar! A great followup to "Luna Waves"... Unique and exciting guitar based space/ambient with flares of progressive rock sounds. All guitar fans should have this one in their collection.
 "Mason Stevens is an electronic guitarist with a unique twist. ...One Step into the Unknown is a set of very cool space music compositions tinged with Masonís sense of humor. ...Masonís style and technique give the compositions flair and panache. The joy of the music makes the set seem like one gigantic scherzo. Succinctly, this CD is lots of fun! " 
Jim Brenholts for Ambient Visions

Luna Waves

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Drift off into a blue ambient dream world where the darkness of night rules, interrupted only by the mysterious forces of the swamp and the soulful glimmer of the moon. Surreal Visual Music where blues infused guitar meets dark atmospheric synthesizers to create what is being called a new genre of music- Space Blues.

E Music radio lists "Luna Waves" on Monthly Top 20 for February 2002

"Very cool tune ('Forbidden Trail' off 'Luna Waves')...The best, dude!" Jeff Straub/Texas Hot Radio
 "Stevens paints a rich sonic palette with diverse array of tonal colors... Grab a glass of wine and chill. " 
Phil Derby - Expose Magazine
 "It's dreamy and good for the soul. " 
Ella Blame
 "I think we finally have the first true "space blues" album. This man can PLAY his '63 Fender Jazzmaster, folks...Yow!... Man, this is one cool CD. Electric guitar lovers... this one is mo' definitely custom made for you!" 
Bill Binkelman - Wind and Wire
 "Luna Waves is a charming mix of languid blues guitar, casual salon jazz pickin', rock solo-izing, and spacey electronics. " 
Hannah M.G. Shapero -

Cosmic Flight

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Recorded in 1986, this album was the result of several live, improvisational sessions with William Linton and Tony Gerber. It was featured on a special Hearts of Space dedicated to human exploration.

Available at Space for Music Records.

 "this music soars to convey the listener to interstellar vistas... the structure rises to float overhead like a pulsing cloud of patience... This music maintains a languid quality, drenching the listener with oracular shadows of sound." 
Matt Howarth - Sonic Curiosity

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